We provide quality services for the high desert and the surrounding areas. Air Repair HVAC specializes in home and light commercial heating and air conditioning. Our Services are highly skilled, prompt and reliable. Give us a call any time during our business hours and let us help you with your heating or air conditioning problem. We stock the most common replacement parts on our trucks and overnight shipping is available on special order needs. We install quality heating and air conditioning equipment. All the equipment we sale is made in the U.S. Some of our equipment has 10 year factory part warranties. We stand behind all of our work. If it’s not right let us know and we will fix it. We perform quality installations treating each job as if it is our home or business.

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Here are some frequently asked questions and what you can try on your own before calling us.

Q. My Thermostat is blank.

A. Try changing the batteries. Check that the circuit breakers are not tripped.

Q. The line on my A/C is frozen and/or there is no air flow.

A. Check your air filter. If dirty clean or replace. Then turn the system to off and the fan switch to on, run for one hour like this: Turn system on. If now working problem was dirty air filter. If it still does not work or the problem repeats call for service.

Q. My heater blows warm for a while then blows cold.

A. Check air filter. Change if dirty. Unit my be overheating due to low air flow because of plugged filter, then turning off.

Q. Do I need to have my heating and air equipment serviced regularly?

A. Yes you should have your equipment serviced twice a year in the spring and fall. Most equipment warranties require regular service and this will prolong the life of the equipment and prevent many problems.

Q. What should I set my thermostat to?

A. For summer 78F or higher. For winter 68F or lower. These are the recommend settings for efficiency.

Q. Do you charge to come out and look at a unit?

A. Yes we charge for a service call to pay for our time and fuel to come and look at a unit. If you have us repair the problem the diagnostic or service call is free.

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